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The Barn


  • · All stalls have shavings to ensure zero ammonia smell, dry stalls, happy hoofs, and soft comfort.

  • · All stalls are 12 x 12.

  • · Interior wall system that is Kick-Proof, Chew-Proof and has a 0% Fire Spread rating. Using plywood core panels nearly eliminates any injuries your horse might encounter by splintering a conventional stall panel.

  • · Walls are double insulated for warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. The light, airy architecture of our barn ensures a steady flow of fresh air and prevents buildup of mold and mildew spores.

  • · Interior stall wall dividers are solid with one vertical grill divider window to allow horses to socialize without direct contact.

  • · All stalls have corner feed buckets for hay and grain so the horses are not eating from the ground.

  • · Automatic 5 gallon watering system.

  • · Stalls cleaned once daily.

  • · Clean and organized aisles and cross ties.

  • · Outside wash racks.

  • · Lighted, heated, cooled and locked tack rooms in barn


Full Board



- Feed       - Fans       -Blanketing

- Hay       - Turnout


Partial Board



             - Hay    - Blanketing

             - Fans   - no feed

Turnout & Pasture


  • Daily grass pasture turnout, weather permitting.

  • 6 acres of grassy coastal hay for all pastures.

  • Pastures are fertilized yearly.

  • No electric wire fencing used on property.

  • Each pasture has automatic waterier.

  • Horses are put together 2 at a time depending on the horse and owner.



  • 150’ x 200’ outdoor lighted jumping arena.

  • Sand footing to give cushioning

  • to the horse.

  • Footing in arena is watered, dragged,

  • and groomed routinely to provide the

  • best surface for our horses.

  • 12 jumps available for use and the rider

  • is allowed to change jumps and/or raise

  • them. 

  • Trough inside the area for the horses

  • to use during the summer

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